Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vows and Poems

This weekend I dedicated to getting most of my vow, poem and marriage certificate orders off of my to do list.  Envelopes and place cards are so easy for me to do, time consuming but easy.  If I mess one up, it's okay it was only a few minutes wasted.  But these larger custom orders are a whole other ball game!  I LOVE love love to do them, but I think I have a pit in my stomach until I get them safely in their envelope, box!  They can take a couple of hours to do and I have been known to mess up on the last word....  But none of these gave me any issues and it was a very productive weekend!!

This first one is a marriage certificate for a bride that wanted me to replicate a flower that was on her invites. 

This second one was for a client whose niece is a very talented poet. One of her poems got published and won an award. I worked with her to come up with a side illustration that while beautiful wouldn't take away from the words. I think we accomplished that with the simple bird and wind swirls.

And finally we have another marriage certificate in a rich chocolate brown with gold swirls.


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